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    I am looking to get some information, and to make sense of the pieces that I have just recieved from the MOD Disclosures today. My Grandad William Watters was a Gunner in the 306 Battery, 77th Field Rgt from 26th April 1939 to 5th June 1940 when he was relegated to Class W. I see "Evacuated from B.E.F" on 5.6.40 and that he was posted to 2nd Res.Fld Rgt.RA. 22.6.40 Wolwich.

    Unfortunantly my understanding is very limited but I'd really like to find out more about these dates and if anyone knows if there are diarys out there that might put a bit more information to the dates?

    Also may be a daft question but I see this as being 306 Battery, 77th Field Rgt a points and at others an H is included I assume this means Highland although I am unsure if this makes a difference?

    Cheers in advance for any responces
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    77 Field Regiment were in the UK at Bordon until the 2nd February 1940 at 0400 when they sailed to France on SS Fenella and arrived Le Havre at 1000 on the 3rd February 1940.

    Is his service number 898575? If so he deployed to France with 305 Field Battery.
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    Hey drew, William is 898573 wonder if the same is possible for him. We know so little about his time away as he was unwilling to speak of it all. My Dad knew so little which is why I put in for the records, he was missing pretty much all of it bar the RA and BEF.
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    Sorry did just go back over the paper work and it does have him in 306 to begin with during ‘annual camp’ and then 305 for the following.
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    Royal Artillery attestations 1883-1942:

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