3rd Battalion Scots Guards, 6th Guards Tank Brigade

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    On November 22nd 1944 my village Sevenum was liberated by the 15th Scottish Division. The day before, November 21st 1944 a patrol of the Reconaissance Troop went on patrol to explore "De Vorst", a hamlet of Sevenum. On the Saardijk Lance Sergeant Brown's tank ran on a mine and tank driver John Shiells was killed. He was only 21 years old at the time. John was buried on the spot where he died. His grave was located between the houses of the Pauwels family and the Janssen family. The current house numbers are 6 and 7 on the Saardijk in Sevenum. John was buried here until August 1st 1947 when his mortal remains were taken to Mook War Cemetery. Until that day his grave was adopted and tended by the widow Mrs. Ida Pauwels who lived at the Saardijk in Sevenum. This year it's 75 years ago. Now we want to reveal a memorial on the spot where John lost his life.


    I have a few questions from which I hope anyone can be of help to me.
    • Is it possible to receive a copy of the Diary vowls of John's unit of November 21st- and 22nd ?
    • What was John's squadron, what was his Troop?
    • What was the name of John's tank? (I found a list a tank names. For instance:
      Infantry A22, Mk IV Churchill "Montrose" A Sqn 4Trp 154 3rd Battalion, Scots Guards, 6th Guards Armoured Brigade.
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