41236 David MEYNELL, CBE, MID***, Royal Irish Fusiliers

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    Personal Number: 41236
    Rank: Brigadier
    Name: David MEYNELL, CBE, MiD***
    Unit: Royal Irish Fusiliers

    London Gazette : 1 February 1929
    The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the Royal Military College, to be
    2nd Lts. 31st Jan. 1929:—
    D.C.L.I.—David Meynell.

    London Gazette : 15 June 1937
    R. Ir. Fus.—
    The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. 17th May 1937 : —
    D. Meynell, from D.C.L.I.

    London Gazette : 2 July 1937
    D.C.L.I.—Lt. A. Tilly to be Adjt. vice Lt. (now Capt. R. Ir. Fus.) D. Meynell. 15th June 1937.

    London Gazette : 20 December 1940
    The names of the undermentioned have been brought to notice in recognition of distinguished services in connection with operations in the field.
    March-June, 1940.
    Capt. D. MEYNELL.

    London Gazette : 10 February 1945
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe:—
    R. Ir. Fus.
    Lt.-Col. (temp.) D. Meynell (41236).

    London Gazette : 19 April 1945
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Europe: —
    R. Ir. Fus
    Lt.-Col. (temp.) D. Meynell (41236).

    London Gazette : 4 April 1946
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North-West Europe:—
    R. Ir. Fus.
    Col. (temp.) D. MEYNELL (41236).

    London Gazette : 21 June 1946
    R. Ir. Fus.
    Capt. .(War. Subs. Maj.) (now War Subs. Lt.-Col.) D. MEYNELL (41236) to be Maj., 31st Jan. 1946, with seniority, 24th Sept. 1943, and with precedence next above Maj. H. V. MCNALLY, O.B.E. (Substi- tuted for the notifn. in Gazette (Supplement) dated 1st Feb. 1946.)

    London Gazette : 16 January 1947
    The KING has been pleased to grant unrestricted permission for the wearing of the following decorations which have been conferred on the under-mentioned personnel in recognition of distinguished services in the cause of the Allies:—
    Commander of the Order of Leopold.
    Brigadier (acting) David MEYNELL (41236), The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess V ictoria's).

    London Gazette : 13 January 1950
    R. Jr. Fus.
    Maj. (War Subs. Lt.-Col.) D. MEYNELL (41236) to be Lt.-Col., 7th Feb. 1949.

    London Gazette : 1 January 1952
    The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotions in. and appointments to, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire :—.
    To be Ordinary Officers of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order:—
    Lieutenant-Colonel David MEYNELL (41236), The Royal Irish Fusiliers (Princess Victoria's).

    London Gazette : 8 February 1952
    R. Ir. F.
    Lt-Col. D. MEYNELL, O.B.E. (41236), on comple- tion of period of service in command, remains on full pay (superny.), 7th Feb. 1952.

    London Gazette : 29 January 1954
    The undermentioned officers to be Cols., 1st Jan. 1953: —
    Lt.-Col. (Temp. Col.) D. MEYNELL, O.B.E. (41236), from R.Ir.F.

    London Gazette : 30 July 1957
    The undermentioned Cols, to be Brigs, on the dates shown:—
    (T/Brig.) D. MEYNELL, C.B.E. (41236), late Inf., 11th Jan. 1957.

    London Gazette : 30 January 1959
    The undermentioned Offrs. to be Supernumerary to Establishment, 1st Jan. 1959:
    Brig. D. MEYNELL, C.B.E. (41236) late Inf.
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    Recommendation for Award for Meywell, D Rank: Captain Regiment: The Royal... | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 373/89/808
    Name Meywell, D
    Rank: Captain
    Regiment: The Royal Irish Fusiliers
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: B E F 1939-40
    Award: Mention in Despatch
    Date of announcement in London Gazette: 20 December 1940

    Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 12.28.06.png

    London Gazette : 20 December 1940
    Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 11.50.03.png
    Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 11.46.34.png
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    I don't think that it was normal practice to show 'MID' as a post-nominal, nor indeed to indicate the equivalent of additional MID awards as 'Bars' thus '***'. I'm sure he was happy enough with a CBE after his name.
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    Hi, I'm sure it's not normal practice either, but it's a line of research nevertheless and thread titles aren't official manner of address, merely an indication of content. As you're aware most MiD awards have no surviving citations and are generally underrated as far as recognition is concerned.

    (Apparently CWGC is no longer accepting LG records for MiD as proof towards amending even their online records, that's if you can find them, so I'm now even more inclined to highlight MID awards whenever I discover them. CWGC: Changes, Updates & Access difficulties )

    I've been listing, tagging and including them in titles for some time now

    mentioned in despatches | WW2Talk
    mentioned in despatches twice | WW2Talk
    mentioned in despatches thrice | WW2Talk
    mentioned in despatches four times | WW2Talk
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    His brother Godfrey posthumously won the VC in India in 1935.

    On 29 September 1935 at Mohmand, in the Nahaqi Pass within the Khyber Pass on the North West Frontier, in the final phase of an attack, Captain Meynell, seeking information on the most forward troops, found them involved in a struggle against an enemy vastly superior in numbers. He at once took command, and with two Lewis guns and about thirty men, maintained a heavy and accurate fire on the advancing enemy, whose overwhelming numbers nevertheless succeeded in reaching the position and putting the Lewis guns out of action. In the hand-to-hand struggle which ensued, Captain Meynell was mortally wounded, but the heavy casualties inflicted on the enemy prevented them from exploiting their success. Regimental records suggest that when the bodies of his men were mutilated by the enemy (as was their custom), Captain Meynell sought to defend those bodies even as he himself was dying.

    Read more in the vconline link below.

    Godfrey Meynell VC - victoriacross
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    Derby Evening Telegraph December 17th 1938.
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