4th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment ?

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  1. Pember

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    I am hoping that someone on this forum is a 'Fundi' (expert) on the 4th Battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment.

    If so, can you possibly tell me if these gents were officers of the 4th Battalion, probably during 1940-42 ?


    Another possibility is 70th (Young Soldiers') Battalion, but this seems to be more difficult to find anything on than 4th Battalion.

    Any help appreciated!
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  2. Owen

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  3. Pember

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    Thank you Owen for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything in their collection that matches these gents.
  4. Pember

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    If anyone has information on which formation the 70th (Young Soldiers') Battalion belonged to, this would be most helpful.
  5. Lissy93

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    My grandad was part of the 70th battalion (young soldiers) LIR - is there anyway I can help?
  6. dryan67

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    Here is a brief summary of the 70th (Young) Soldier Battalion, The Royal Berkshire Regiment:

    70th (Young Soldiers) Battalion, The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s)

    The battalion was formed from five companies of the 8th (HD) Battalion at Thame, Oxfordshire on September 19th, 1940. At the start of 1941 it moved to Cornwall at St. Eval aerodrome. The Battalion HQ later moved from Treyarnum to Harlyn Bay and the companies were dispersed across Cornwall and even into Devon. In October 1941 it was sent to Northern Ireland and arrived on October 22nd, 1941 in Belfast. It had companies at the aerodromes at Sydenham and Aldergrove. It moved to camp at Ballykinler in December 1941 and had ‘A’ Company at Victoria Barracks and working the docks. On April 12th, 1942, the battalion was part of an exercise in Northern Ireland to attack the Ulster Home Guard in Belfast. In August 1942 it went to camp at Olenarm and then to Dunayhadee. It was to disband in April 1943 and remained in Northern Ireland until June 1943. It was disbanded on July 30th, 1943 in County Durham and the men were reposted.

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