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    Can any one help me my dad was in the RASC during ww11. I managed to find his military records but i am struggling to make sense of them (the hand writing is shocking). I know he was wounded in Normandy and the only thing I can make around the right date is 512 coy and he mentioned Sword beach a couple of times . I wondered if anyone could tell me where I can find the details of the unit and its where abouts around that time. I would really like to take my children and show them some of the places he served during that period.


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    Hi Lee
    Welcome to the forum.
    Could you scan the records if it is not too personal please? There are lots of members who can decipher handwriting and abbreviations, and we may be able to help you more.

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    Welcome Lee from another Lee.

    As Lesley suggests, a good idea to post the service records here.

    If it turns out he was in 512 Company RASC, their war diaries are available at the National Archives. Details of the ones for North West Europe are:


    WO 171/2479, 512 Coy. (1944 Mar.- Dec.)
    WO 171/6299, 512 Coy. (1945 Jan.-Dec.)
    WO 171/9830, 512 Coy. (1946 Jan.)

    (Downloaded from ARCRE War Diary Search Engine: http://www.arcre.com/wdsearch - 2014-01-09 13:24 GMT)

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    Thanks every body, sorry ive taken so long getting back IT problems. ill get my dads records scanned tomorrow and see if I can get them on the site

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    I have finally managed to scan my dads paperwork and get it to a size i could down load. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I would really like to know what if any thing he did during the Normandy landings or indeed anything he did during his service. He didn't speak about the war much and we really struggled to even get his paperwork as he never told anyone who he had served with. So any help would be great
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