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  1. My Father was Troop Sgt. Francis ( Frank ) E. Barratt ‘ C ‘ Squadron 10602167. I went with Dad, my Son ( Simon ) and about 70 others to the final reunion at the Union Jack Club in 1999. I wondered if anyone else was there or related to Abe Bates, Judd Dowson, Nobby Clark, and John Gowan. Dad was also with Ron Tee, Harry Raisbeck and Don Rutterford.
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  2. Gary Payne

    Gary Payne 1 PWO

    Tpr John (Jud) Dowson, 1060128 C sqn 56 Recce, not sure which troop. I attended the reunions in 91ish and the final on in 99. Good to find you after 20yrs.
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  3. Tony56

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    Neil, welcome to the forum, pleased that you have joined up. My father was 6468560 Sgt Gilbert F Anthony, 15 Troop, C Squadron.
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    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Thanks very much to all for the welcome to the forum. Keep well everyone
  6. 4jonboy

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    It was lovely to chat on the telephone yesterday and I see you got here at last;).

    A lot of forum members know that I met your dad (and your lovely mum Kay) in November 2014 when they welcomed me into their home. It was such a privilege and a great pleasure talking to him and I was over the moon when he said he remembered my dad. We met a few times again before he passed away and he was always chatty and very cheery even when he wasn't in the best of health.

    Frank Barratt, MID. 56 Recce | WW2Talk

    Frank managed to put quite a few names to the photos I took with me-(post 506)
    56th Reconnaissance Corps

    Look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    Kind regards

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  7. Tony 56, did you ever come to the reunion ? I can remember Dad mentioning your Father. I went several times, the most memorable besides the final one for me was 1991. The 50th Anniversary night, Dad was the guest of honour and spoke for about 25 minutes, he got a lot of laughs with telling a few tales of some of the things that went on !! I accidentally caused a bit of a laugh, I was sitting on C table with “the men” and Jackie Forshaw called me up to the top table. He said we’ve saved you a place next to your Dad. I said thanks but Id rather sit with the men. Dave Smith and all the North Eastern gang fell about !!
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  8. At the last Reunion it was really great to spend a lot of time with Richard Doherty. His knowledge about the Recce was amazing and he was very good company. Richard is on the photo that Gary Payne has posted on his profile page. Richard is top right. Dad was always adamant we were first to the bar and the last to leave !! He got his way and we all had to prop one another up going back to our rooms.
  9. Tony56

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    Neil, unfortunately no. For reasons I will never know, Dad never went to any of the reunions. He retired in 1981 after spending all his working life in London, and moved to the south coast. He did not make contact with the OCA until 1990 after responding to an article headed 'Calling all comrades' by Len Smart in a magazine.

    When he was working his office was very close to All Hallows by the Tower Church which, as you are probably aware, contains the Reconnaissance Corps memorial book and has a nice stained glass window.
    All Hallows by The Tower

    I do have the following that may be of interest.

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  10. I’m sorry that you and your Dad never came but such things aren’t necessarily everyone’s thing. The list is very interesting and it sort of reminds me of a few who were there. To coin an old phrase “ we supped some stuff “. My Dad, my Son, and I walked into the bar at 5.30pm and staggered out about 1am !! Dad and I were in trouble when we got home because we let my 17 year old son get really drunk. Oh well, it happens to most of us I suppose. I wonder if any of the old boys are left ?
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