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    Thanks for that, i've just been looking again, i'm just downloading the forms now. I'll fill them in and get my Dad to sign them.

    Thanks for all your help everyone!

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    I filled and signed the forms for my Dad's records, my elder brother was never involved. I also doubted that the MOD records office would take the time to find out if I was the sole remaining NOK for my father

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    Luckily my Dad only lives around the corner, so i'll pop them through his letterbox to sign. I know they take quite a while to get back, but when they do, i'll post them here.
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    hi lorraine ,
    i have not been on the site for a while but returned today and i could not believe it when i saw your post . Its great to see that my Dad and your Grandad were good friends . My Dad trained at Lochmaben near Dumfries and joined the regiment after your Grandad , my Dad joined up with the regiment just before the Monte Cassino battles . At the time of the photo the regiment were stationed on the outskirts of Rome ( 5 to 13 / 7 / 44 ) , my Dad was in the convalesence depot between 6/7 and was discharged back to the regiment on 10/7 . So i reckon those photos were taken when they had a days leave to visit Rome , so the same date as the one in the Coloseum . Was your Grandad in any of the photos in my gallery ?
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    Welcome back Dave.
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    Hi Tony ,
    Yeah its good to be back and then to find that post from Lorraine .
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    Thanks to the great information on here, I have found where my Dad was wounded in Italy. I plan to have a ride down to Castiglione del Lago in September and spend a few hours thinking of him and his pals who were less fortunate.

    I will take some pictures and put them on here when I return.
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    Tony, Your other post regarding Sidney Plant, service No 3058950.
    A Squadron 52nd (L) Div Recce Regt

    If you haven't come across his mention in 56 Recce war diaries, he was in B Squadron in December 43, note that transfers between squadrons and troops was fairly common. Hope that your trip goes well.
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