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    I'm a new member
    My interest is in No:6 Commando 101 Troop:ukflag[1]: as my late father served in this unit up to his capture at Dieppe 19 August 1942.

    Has anyone come across members of this unit and any of their missions?
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    Hello 101,
    Welcome to the site, I was in Dieppe in August, took this photo of the memorial to the POWs.

    EDIT I missed the 65th Anniversary by 6 days. :(

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    Welcome to WW2talk 101 troop. Tell us more about your father.

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    Hi, thanks for the welcome

    I've more to tell and ask. How do you put photos on the posts? Is there a problem with signatures? Seems to be a broken link on them all.
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    Thats odd....signature worked this time! Ignore comment on signatures above.
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    I was at Dieppe for the 65th Anniversary of the Raid and attended the night time vigil at Cemitiere Verdus and the day time commemeration in Dieppe. I was able to meet British and Canadian veterans who took part in the Raid and a french historian who had written a book about the events of 19 August 1942.

    It was all very moving and made you feel very proud to be singing "God Save The Queen" during the service with these brave veterans.

    I was able to narrow down my fathers role at Dieppe, in particular where he was on that 12 mile front, just by talking to the vets. My father was in special ops and was not officially there. He was in 6 Commando and there is no reference to that unit being there. I beleive he was loaned out to do a specific task (he could speak French and German) and I am trying to narrow that one down.

    The vigil at Verdus 18 August 2007

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