67th searchlight regiment (Welch)

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    I was searching the other night on Google and found a post that was submitted few years ago about someone trying to find information about the above regiment , by luck this lady left her name ,so a facebook search started and traced someone by that name from South Wales ,I took a change on messaging her and turns out to be the same woman , cut a long story short it turns out her father and my father where in the same regiment , and both of us had photos of each other's fathers, she had this one (though not best quality ) that I'd never seen before with both of our father's in the photo , we've had and still are having a real good chat about each other's fathers ..

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    I am also researching my father. I believe he was in the 67th Welch but am having trouble deciphering the attached to determine for sure what he was doing, where and when. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    welcome to the forum
    firstly you need to apply for his service records
    Date of birth
    Death cert
    there is a long wait but will give you a lot more detail
    official link here
    Get a copy of military service records
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    PTO suggests there is more to see on the reverse of the card. :)
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    Thank you, I'll do just that. Hopefully tho I'll get some help from members while I'm waiting.
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    I know, right? It's left me intrigued. :confused:
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    67 Searchlight Regiment started out as 6th (Glamorgan) Battalion The Welch Regiment (67 Searchlight Regiment) (TA). Infantry searchlight units were formed before the war and given an RA Regiment number although nominally they remained part of their parent regiment. The Regiment was formed in Nov 38 and transferred to the RA in Aug 40. On the change to RA they became part of 45 Anti-Aircraft Brigade in the Cardiff area. By Mar 43 they were in 4 AA Group.
    AA Groups replaced the AA Divisions Oct 42 and unfortunately little seems to be known about their composition. There is a Wiki page on the Regiment that has more information. They eventually became a Garrison Regiment and then an RA Infantry Regiment.
    The information on my site RA 39-45 is a bit sparse I'm afraid. I am updating the units pages but haven't got to the Searchlight Regiments yet.

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