6th battalion Gordon Highlanders on R. Dyle

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    I am trying to find out the positions of the 6th Gordon Highlanders at the river Dyle. I have looked at their war diary and all there is a reference to a sector of 2000yds on the west side of the dyle between 2nd N.Staffs and 1st Loyals.Having looked at various war diaries including 1 div, 2 brigade and 2 brigade a/t rgts I think 2 brigades front goes like this

    Ormandal Corbeek dyle | | Heide NeerysscheBridge823495|
    |(Ormandaal ? ) | ( Neerijse ?)

    2300 yds 2000 yds 2 N.Staffs 6 Gordons 1 loyals

    My problem is looking at modern maps there is no Heide. Was this place covered by Langerodevijver pond which I think was built after the war.
    Bridge 823495 is this the bridge in Neerijse and if it is were the Loyals defending the Ijse river rather than the Dyle.

    Any help would be appreciated as my colleague is hopping to visit the area to see where his grandfather fought.
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    My editing skills have gone wrong
    Here I will just list what I know rather than in plan

    2nd N.Staffs. 2300 yd sector from Ormandall to Corbeek Dyle

    6th Gordon's 2000 yd sector excluding Corbeek Dyle to Heide (excluding)

    1st Loyals ?? Yd sector from Heide to bridge 823495

    2 brigade A/T regt. 1 pltn on right covering bridge on right of Neeryssche. 2 pltn covering left flank on high ground.
    3 pltn in centre covering bridge at Corbeek Dyle.
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    Have now sorted out my problem , I have found Heide , it is on the east side of the Dyle directly east of Nerryssche.
    Having reread the war diary of 2 Brigade on the 11 May on a recce trip it gives the Brigade posn as Weert St Georges 822495 - Ormendal 8254.
    On deployment 1st Loyals area is from Bridge 823495, this is the Bridge at Weert St George over the Dyle.
    I think my problem started with 2 bgdes A/T rgt quote saying they were covering the bridge on right of Neeryssche.

    I have found this site with British maps of Belgium very good, and I hope they may be of some use to someone else.


    Many thanks
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    Hi Anne and good luck with the trip - don't forget to take some picture to post on this thread :)

    It seems you have solved your dilemma yourself (well done) so I feel a bit redundant now but wonder if this map helps?

  5. annsamtree

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    Thanks for your assistance, yes the map. Is of help , my problem was using google/apple maps where Heide was not found, place names were different and I think some of the geographical features may have changed.
    Is the map you have posted your own or is it from a book and if so what book?
    Many thanks.
  6. Drew5233

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    It's from a 6 Volume collection to do with the BEF Orbats. They are called British Expeditionary Force Organisation and Order of Battle by Alan Philson. There isn't much in them that would be of use to you. The fact you have got the war diaries is probably your best bet. The regiment does have a history but I checked it and it only contained a few pages on what you are interested in.

    Rich Payne (another 1940 nut) lives in Belgium - He's pretty clued up on place names during and after WW2 in Belgium.
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    Hello annsamtree,

    I've sent you a private message.

  8. Rich Payne

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    Thanks for the compliment, Drew. Dirk is of course much better informed so the right man has found the thread.

    Does Philson include a similar map of 2 Div's positions on the Dijl ?
  9. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    Yes mate - but having spoke to the author via email and in person I know he was never 100% happy with the maps and was looking to re-address the problem in his next edition. Do you want to see it ?
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    Hi to all,

    A good friend originally started this thread on my behalf as I was trying to find out as much info about my Grandfathers time with the B.E.F.

    I'm indebted to you all, Dave and Dirk in particular, for all the info and correspondence on the subject. Due to work, life and everything else in between, I never made the trip to Neerijse. However, I'm going in November for 4 days and hope to walk and photograph as much of the area as I possibly can.

    I wondered if there might be any additional info available now that could be useful to me and I'd also like to research the details in respect of the German side - is there anywhere I could get that info on which units etc were advancing on the area?

    Best to all,


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