6th Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment May 1943

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    Can anyone help identify where the 6th Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment were on the 5th May 1943. I'm trying to find the details behind the death of a local lad - Pte George Sharp 5776595 - on that day. I'm guessing it's the Far East as he is remembered on the Singapore Memorial but can't find much detail on the 6th.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Slight typo should be an E on the end, Sharpe
    This confirms that he was a POW.
    S Database

    Would say he was lost on Thailand - Burma railway as was this lad 41 days earlier
    S Database

    5th battalion lads were also on Thailand - Burma railway.

    So possible they all went out there together. The 5th battalion embarked on the Duchess of Atholl (21,000 tons) on the 9th December 1941 and sailed for Halifax with the 18th Infantry Division convoy. Then to Singapore.
    Captured at Singapore 15th Feb 1942.

    The sad thing about these lads is that they never had the chance of a life.
    Like this one who possibly never saw or even knew that he had had a son.
    G Database

    Son of Charles, Stephen and Susana Girling Foulsham Norfolk
    Husband of Dolly Miriam Girling (nee Voutt) of Hindolvestone Norfolk.
    Fredrick and Dolly married in Oct/Nov/Dec. 1941.
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    5776595 Private George Sharpe was sent to the Death Railroad on 19.03.1943.
    He died of dysentery about 6 weeks later and was buried in grave 35 at Tarso, Thailand.
    Not sure why he would not have a grave at Kanchanaburi, but there are many instances of this.
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    Many, many thanks all. Just the sort of detail I was after.

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