70th Tank Battalion, B Company Shermans

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    I want to share some photos of several Shermans from the 70th Tank Battalion's B Company that I am hoping members can provide some additional information.
    • The first is a welded hull M4 dozer with cast driver's hoods that was taken from Jensen's Strike Swiftly! This is interesting because the bumper code is B16, which would indicate that the Company CO. This might be the first time I've seen a Company CO with a dozer.
    • The other two are ex-DD M4A1 Shermans coded B5 and B12. Can anyone provide insight into the names of these tanks? Any higher resolution images available? B12 looks like BANANAS! and B5 might be BARBARA, but far from 100%.
    Looking forward to any input from members.

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    Also of note, there is evidence of a large air recognition star on the turret roof of the B Company Sherman DDs.
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