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Discussion in 'RAMC' started by Nick Gavin, Apr 16, 2022.

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    I need some help in trying to find more about my fathers army service.
    He was Irish and deemed to be enlisted to RAMC on 16/1/41 but ''failed to join''
    Military History Sheet indicates that he was HOME (Absent) from 16/1/41 to 9/8/44, although he was transferred to General Service Corps on 2/7/42?
    He did forfeit 14 days pay for absence from 1/9/41 to 10/8/44. ??????
    He was then Deferred 10/8/44 for 7 days then notes to be at HOME until 15/4/45 before being posted to India..
    The sheets I have raise a number of questions but initially I would like to understand:
    What does HOME ( Absent ) mean as during that time he was assigned to GSC.
    He was clearly not absent as his total length of service of 10 years + includes this time.

    What was he doing up to being posted to India

    Also he was discharged from the Reserves in 1951, Medically unfit Ref TARS 1936 Para 204-11. I cannot find this ref anywhere.

    This is my first posting so apologies if I have got it wrong

    Hope to get some feedback


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  2. Tony56

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    You certainly haven't posted anything wrong and in fact asked some very good questions - unfortunately I can't answer them, perhaps others can!

    The initial thought, just as you did, is that 14 days loss of pay is rather a light punishment for 3 years absence, his records do show that the absence was to be investigated and was subsequently reduced.

    During his period of absence he was married and their first child born, I would be interested in the relevant certificates to see what the father's occupation was given as. Are there any local newspaper reports of the wedding? I can't find any but perhaps local libraries may have something.

    One thing, HS Dorsetshire was a hospital ship HMHS Dorsetshire at Milford Haven, 1940
  3. davidbfpo

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    What an odyssey? Could his service have been affected by being an Irish national who volunteered? I note his wife's address was in Rugby, Warwickshire.

    It does seem odd to be absent for three years. Perhaps, the Army simply didn't know what to do with him?
  4. Nick Gavin

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    I have his marriage certificate. They were married in Rugby at St Maries church.
    His occupation at the time was Male Nurse with a Rugby address. At some time i know he worked at ST Cross hospital in Rugby.
    Although he was noted as Absent for the 3 years, his overall time in the army, 10 yrs+ include these 3 years.
    Also during the 3 years he was transferred to the GSC.
    Indications are he was in the Army all of this time
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    At one stage there were two hospitals in Rugby then; St. Cross was and is the main local hospital. The second hospital was nearer the town centre, it was St. Luke's and disappeared in 1993 (now a housing estate).

    St. Marie's Catholic Church was and is the main RC church in the town, there are others. It is within a short distance of St. Cross Hospital.

    Perhaps, his service record showing a three year absence is an error? See for the GSC: General Service Corps - Wikipedia

    Nick you asked:
    He was only sent there and back between April 1945 and January 1946. Curiously the record shows only sent there (minus details of convoy etc) and has no return date (ditto). By April 1945 the war's end in Europe was very clear, the conflict with Japan was not so clear, with the UK planning to invade Malaya and join the mainly US invasion of Japan itself. So sending him a qualified RAMC soldier makes sense, except no unit posting is shown and as many of those posted to India had been there for years there was political pressure to bring them home. See for an overview: Demobilisation of the British Armed Forces after the Second World War - Wikipedia

    Once victory over Japan was achieved, with VJ-day on 15th August 1945 (for the UK; US uses 2/9/1945), he would be sent back and in fact it appears he returned quickly. Perhaps, being a medic, with a family helped.
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  7. Nick Gavin

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    Thankyou for your comments. My initial search was to try to find out what he was doing for the 3 years designated as HOME before he went to India for 242 days commencing 15/4/45.
    I am aware of the Rugby hospitals church scene as I lived there up to 1985
    I am assuming during the 3 years he must have been associated with the hospitals both in Rugby and elsewhere in UK.
    Then as the war in Europe was concluding he was assigned to two trips on the Dorsetshire of 224 and 112 resp. The first of these he left from the Netley Hospital in Southampton
    I have further info surrounding the terms on Dorsetshire as for a period he was entitled to Jap Campaign Pay (JCP) at 1/- per day. So I assume he was onshore in India or Burma at some time.
    I think I will raise some questions under the Indian Army category to see if I can get info on the India part

    For your interest I have attached the Service and Casualty form showing the additional info
    Thanks again

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