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    Hello Everyone,
    I have been asked if this great forum can help with identifying a soldier who served with the 7th Armoured div - European theatre of operations.
    Please see attached file.. we believe he maybe a clerk, but would like to know what unit and follow his journey through WW2.
    In addition we have come across this card when the sdier was billeted in Germany
    Believe to be invitation from herman goering wife.
    Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    I thank you in anticipation

    received_715639595895941.jpeg received_149209224010607.jpeg
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  2. Tony56

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    Might help members if you could confirm his service number as it is a bit difficult to read from the photo.
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  4. mikereme

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    His no
    Hope that helps
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    Got anther picture

    Attached Files:

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    Getting some great info already RASC...any more please advise
  7. Tony56

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    He doesn't appear in the casualty lists, so no information there.

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