7th Loyals / 92nd (Loyals) LAA Regiment, RA, 1940-1946

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    Hi I am desperate to find out more information the skipper of LCT 627, Lieutenant John Francis ‘Jack’ Pointon in the bottom Photo, He is my Grandfather, my family are very distant and have never had or been given a lot of information about him or his service. And I am unable to find a lot about him I know that he was also at one point in his life in the New Zealand Airforce as well as the Navy,
    I would love to find out more about the man I never had the privilege of meeting. I am his first Grand daughter born, however he passed 20 days before I was born 2nd September 1975.
    if anyone has any details they would care to share as well as his service number and details I would be forever grateful.

    ps. I enjoyed the read :)
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    A brilliant read; thank you.

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