7th Photographic Group (Reconnaissance)

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    my name is Jacquelynn Stafford. My grandpa served in the air during WWII
    He flew in the 14th sqadron 7th photo group. I never got to meet him. This summer i was fortunate enough to receive a book and "year"book from my mom. the reason i am sharing this is because.....i cried when i read it and in it are real loose photos and sketches of the other pilots. neato!!!!
    the name of the book is.. Now it can be told.. it is in great condition.
    we will be loaning it to several museums of flight begining in WA.
    I would love to contact any living members or family of deceased members
    so that i can give these photos ect. to them. I know it would mean alot to some.It did my family.
    I am asking for help on where to start.I got this website from a wwII pilot.
    He thought you would be people that care. Please any info would help.
    My father was on a ship in the pacific and my grandpa was taking photos in the sky. I only dream that one of the two were alive so that i could hear some stories of how it was. they are not with us now. The people of that time saw so much horror and locked it in because noone should have to relive those days. what lessons in life fthey hold are priceless. i am so happy and greatful that you did that for us. all of us. thank you.
    btw my dad is eugene stafford. mu "pilot" grandfather was named
    Robert Sanford. again THANK YOU! for w/o you there could be no me.
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    Hi Jacquelynn,

    Welcome to the forum albeit belated, I missed your post first time around. I'm sure one of our 'Air' experts will be able to help you out.

    What Air Force did he serve in? Any chance you can share some of the pictures on here?

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    Hi Jacquelynn
    If he was with the RAF then this is the details of their Assn (from the RAF Register of Assns) 14 Squadron:Hon. Secretary: Mike Napier, Lowesmoor, Great Rollright, Oxfordshire OX7 5RR: mike.napier AT 14Sqn-Association.org.uk (use @ rather than AT)
    Start with them and they may be able to help you.
    I know its a bit pernicky but our veterans get a bit uptight if you use th after our sqn numbers so if he was RAF and you contact Mike just use 14 Sqn RAF or something similar (got my knuckles rapped and would rather you didnt!)
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    I think Jacquelynn is referring to the 8th USAAF,No 7 Photographic Reconnaissance Group which arrived in England in July 1943 after a few redesignations.Initially formed as the 7th Photographic Group in February 1943,by November 1943,it was again redesignated as the 7th Photographic Group (Reconnaissance). It was disbanded on May 6 1947.Usually disbandment was enacted as a formal deactivation in the USA which would be the case here,since it was two years after the war.

    Like a number of USAAF units,it arrived in England without personel and equipment but worked up using Spitfire PR X1s and L 5s.Did a lot of work in the preparation for D day,Arnhem,the Battle of the Bulge and the Rhine crossing.

    The Group comprised of the 13,14,22,27,28,29 and 30th Photographic Reconnaisance Squadrons.

    The USAAF Order of Battle for December 1944 saw No 14 Squadron as an element of the No 325 Photographic Wing (R) (HQ RAF Watton,Norfolk) but based at RAF Mount Farm,Oxfordshire along with sister squadrons,No 13,22 and 27 Squadrons.

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