7th South African Recce

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    According to Mark Bevis' British and Commonwealth Armies 1939-45, a South African Motorcycle Reconnaissance Company consisted of the following:

    Company HQ (2 Rifle Sections; 3 trucks)
    3 Platoons each of 11 M/C Combos, 3 trucks, 3 M/C, 3 rifle sections, 3 LMGs
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    Thank you.
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    Anybody here have any pictures or onfo on Edward Joseph Phelan 214170, he served in this unit
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    Thought I'd interject with a question - or two... :)
    My grandfather (Trooper no: 214349 - Harold P. W. Collett) was killed (or died in hospital - not sure) on 17 June 1942 when their tank was hit. He was in the Tank Corps - 7th SA Reconnaissance Battalion.

    Does anyone have any information on that - what actually happened... was there any survivors? He - or rather my dad - received 2 medals for his sacrifice in the war. He's buried at the WWII memorial at Tobruk. I'd appreciate more information - if you can help.


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