82nd Airborne Market garden objective Devilshill Duivelsberg, Hill 75.9

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    During the Summer of 2013 we started with the project “ The military landscape of Nijmegen” and in particular the Duivelsberg, this was the start of the WW2 archaeology assembly under the AWN.
    See our webpage, http://www.awnregionijmegen.nl/ct-menu-item-55/actueel

    One of the traces still visible on Hill 75,9

    Now we are finalizing this project and want to start with the report of this research.
    There will be a historical part of this area and of course a Military part in the report

    So The Duivelsberg, also called the Wylerberg, Devill’s Hill or in military terms Hill 75.9 was during the period of September 1944 and March 1945 of strategic intrest.
    During the operation Market Garden it was one of the objectives of General Gavin C-82 Airborne.

    Because of the research i made a Google map with all the units during this period.
    Many Wardiaries are online or i’ve got them from others. So from the mapping we can make some conclusions.
    Only diaries from the USA is hard to find, 82 Airborne 508 PIR, 504 PIR and 325 GIR where as for as we know on this Hill and fought there against the Germans during the period 19sep44 until 11nov44 after this period the Canadian units took over.

    Who can provide more details from units located on the Duivelsberg and around.
    German Kriegtagebücher
    USA Journals (S2 Journals)

    All Help and Tips are welcome.
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    Nice, but link of page not work
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    Link is working now. There was one DOT to much....

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