86 Field Regiment Herfordshire Yeomanry D Day - who was Jamaican Gunner King?

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    The Independent carried a series of interviews with Normandy veterans in 2004 to mark the 609th anniversary of D Day.

    The interview given by the unnamed, but pictured Lieutenant [SIZE=13.63636302948px](PD Deshon if he was [/SIZE]CPO of 462 battery) is as follows.

    i cannot find a gunner King in the CWGC records. Gunner George King Priest was killed on 6th June, but is listed as "Son of Alfred Barker Priest and Minnie Dryden Priest, of Willington, Northumberlan"

    The 1944 Army did not record the ethnicity of its soldiers, but is of greater interest in to our more diverse society. Does anyone know know if these are the same person?

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    I'll check the diary tomorrow for you before I go to work. I would also send a PM to BrianM59 with a link to this thread. I'd imagine he'll be very interested in this as I believe he researches black men who served in the British Army during WW2.
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    Gnr Priest is mentioned in Sainsbury's history (as is the battery's other fatality L/Bdr Johnson) but that's it. Can't lay my hands on Robert Kiln's book at the moment on the offchance it has something in it.
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    Don;lt bother. I have both works and King isn't mentioned in either..
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