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    Cheers Tricky, I have got Monty's Marauders and a digital copy of The 8th Armoured Brigade 1939 - 1945 kindly provided by stolpi (a member on this site)
    They are both a good read and have references to the HQ, I really want to understand how the HQ operated especially seeing as it was made up of three groups (Admin, Office & Recce, Combat). I am thinking the War dairies will be my best bet.
    I did look at the documents they have at Bovington when I first started researching this (before I knew what I was looking for), will the documents held at Kew be different?
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    The documents held at Kew should be complete. I've found in some cases that the documents held at Bovington are incomplete (missing the Appendices in the case of the War Diaries I was researching). I guess 'the exception will also prove the rule' so my own approach would be to look on Kew as the 'top copy' and Bovington as the 'validation and gap filler'. Bear in mind that the official role of Bovington is the Archive of the Royal Tank Regiment.....so doesn't always have information relating to, for example, Cavalry Regiments. For that you would need to use the Regimental museums which are, of course, dotted all over the place and might actually refer you to Kew for copies of, for example, their War Diary.
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    Hi Benno,

    BTW have you had any luck transcribing any of those officers names on the documents you've attached?

    e.g. to me this looked like quite an interesting bit...


    Def. "clutching at straws" though ;-) One of them, for example, to me, looked a little like "Pink", I have wondered too what the other names might possibly be.

    Incidentally, a big leap here ;-) There's a "Pink, James Henry" - commissioned, Royal Tank Corps - Royal Armoured Corps

    British Army Officers 1939-1945 -- P

    I wonder if there's even a remote possibility this is the same chap. Though that would be a rare chance I suppose ;-)

    Or if - for example someone with the surname "Pink" or similar was (speculatively) an officer at this time in the 8th Armoured Brigade HQ.
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    Hi Ramiles, Thanks for your post.
    I did have a go following your advice.

    I looked at the above and read it as "H Rolfe" but couldn't find anyone with this name attached to 8 Armd Bde. I did wonder if the "QM8" under the signature could be Quarter Master 8th Armoured?

    This certainly looks like it ends in "ink" but wasen't sure if it wasn't "L.P.Link"
  5. Ramiles

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    Agreed ;-) I think I was very lucky with my "Luddington" and "Arbuthnot" examples (above) ;-)

    Your ones are def. "a trifle harder" ;-) There are a variety of possibilities, I guess, but some may be able to have a better go etc. at deciphering this.

    Too it may be a case of any other possible details or sources of info - i.e. other correspondences etc?

    Letters home etc. may have been signed - for example - by an officer immediately above him, tasked with the task etc.
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    I'm more inclined to think the QM8 is actually QMS - Quarter Master Sergeant.
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  7. Ramiles

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    Agreed, re. QMS I've seen similar examples i.e.


    Incidentally, there is, I think, an "8th Armoured Brigade" on facebook link: 8th Armoured Brigade Public Group | Facebook

    Where I have seen 8th Armoured Brigade questions and information shared etc. though I have not used it myself yet, you could maybe try this as a potential avenue / approach too perhaps?

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  8. Ramiles

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    I don't know if you have looked, for example on the IWM site for any film etc. relating to the 8th Armoured Brigade HQ
    this one (about a minute and a half long) is from the date 30th July 1944, I think this is just the day before your grandfather was wounded.

    30TH CORPS IN ACTION IN THE 'BOCAGE' [Allocated Title]

    "Description:Infantrymen from the Division's 130th Brigade (possibly serving with the 7th Hampshire Regiment) are seen patrolling an area of woodland and bracken ferns in the Bois de Bricquessard in typical 'bocage' country. Nearby, a troop of Sexton 25-pounder self-propelled guns of the Essex Yeomanry bombards units of the 751st Grenadier Regiment defending positions in and around the village of Bricquessard against 129th Brigade. Humber scout cars from the 8th Armoured Brigade HQ and soft-skinned vehicles from the 7th Hampshire Regiment head across country towards Cahagnes, followed in time by Shermans and Fireflies from the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry whose tracks churn up billowing clouds of dust. A 4.5 inch gun belonging to a medium artillery regiment serving with the 5th AGRA (?) lends additional fire-power to 43rd Division's attack; note the dust that the blast from the gun kicks up each time it fires."
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    Hi Ramiles, many thanks for all your help, it is much appreciated. I had seen the clip a while back but it had completely passed me by that it was the day before my Grandad got injured. The Facebook link you posted has also been really interesting, it even has a picture of a injured soldier being taken to he 8 armed bde medical position in Normandy a month before my Grandad took the same trip.
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    Just found these in a box of my Grandads medals and my Great Uncles dress buttons and Cap badge. He was a major in the Royal Engineers (although we know very little of his service). Everything in the box apart from the medals and these relate to the Royal engineers. On researching these the only link I can find is to the Royal Dragoon Guards who I know where part of the 8th armoured brigade.

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  11. These flashes look like the REME one (if the bottom colour is Blue, which is difficult to make out on the photo).

    Can you post the Cap Badge? These should tell us your Great Uncle's Regiment.

    Requesting his Service Record would, as always, be the first step to knowing more about his time in the Army.

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    Michel, thanks for your post, the bottom colour is green, which made me think they might be Royal Dragoon Guards and my Grandads.

    Great Uncle's cap badge below

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    Many thanks Michel, that's exactly it, I will attempt to get his service record now to see if it all ties in. We knew he spent a lot of his War years in Turkey with the Royal Engineers but that was about it.

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