8th Btn Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders attached RM Commando

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    According the 8th A&SH war diary, 1 Officer and 10 OR were attached to the newly formed RM Commando on 20th February.

    Lt Ian C. McKellar
    Sgt J. McKinnon
    Cpl R. McAllister
    Pte W. McKnight
    Pte D. Sinclair
    Pte George Wilson

    The above names are listed on the Dieppe Commemorative Roll as taking part in Operation Jubilee. The all returned after the raid, so presumably were not onboard one of the landing craft carrying the RM Commando that landed or was sunk.

    I know that the 8th Btn was part of the Royal Marine Division at this time, but wonder can anybody add any missing names or any details as to why they came to be attached to the RM Commando?


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