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    Hello. I was advised to post here from another thread I made here: http://ww2talk.com/forums/topic/58034-778-company-corps-hq-car/

    My dad was in 778 Company RASC Corps HQ Car from 12th June 1944 until 26th April 1946. I was informed that this company was under command of 8 corps. and I have a picture of him in his jeep, showing the 17 serial number and the White Knight Corps emblem. So he was a driver for 8 corps HQ. Also, on his records there is an entry dated 18th January 1944 - Specialist Qualifications: Dvr II Vcl, Dvr Staff Car. I am trying to get a better picture of what this actually all means. Incidentally, I know my dad was at Belsen involved with the clean up effort (looking at the jeep photo, he is wearing some heavy duty rubber gloves and protection). However, after he died my mum told me he was in the Intelligence Corps, and was a driver for one of the initial groups to go and see the camp. I believe she was wrong about the Intelligence Corps, but, is there any possibility the rest of the story has some weight?

    I am trying to gather a list of possible War Diaries which would be relevant to him. Any ideas which ones I should look at? The only one I could find was W/O 222/286, but I'm not convinced this is right.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Joining this forum has been an immense help and I have gone through a huge learning curve.

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    There is no mention of the unit in the G Branch HQ 8 Corps War Diaries from May 45 to Apr 46, you need the RASC Troops route, for 1945 there is WO 171/4043 and for 1946 WO 171/8690

    Best of luck
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    Thank you for the help. It's hard to search for something, when you don't know what area you need to search in. :)

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