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    I'm new to research and wondered how I might access flight diaries for squadrons in the 91st, 97th, 301st, 303rd, 305th and 306th Bomb Groups of the USAAF 8th. Specifically the period November 1942 - July 1943.
    Any help gratefully received
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    Thankyou. Just found the diary of Ehle Reber in the "Molesworth Pilot" February 2012 edition. Unbelievably moving, the loss of his friends then helping out at local children's parties, the waiting, the Savoy, practice flights, the missions and then the empty page.
    I am even more motivated now to know more about the crew who flew from Davidstow.
    Thanks again
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    The Molesworth Pilot - February 19, 2012
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    When I have wanted to read the war diaries for locally based RAF squadrons, I have been able to find them in the (GB) National Archives' WO series. Having read many of the links provided above, and purchased Roger Freeman's Might Eighth trilogy I now have a clearer understanding of Bomb Group missions and some of the Bomb Squadrons involved. What I'd like to know now, is whether there is a US equivalent to the WO series records, in which I could search for individual Bomb Squadron war diaries ?
    Many thanks in advance for your help

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