955100 George ALLEN, Royal Artillery, LRDG & 1 SAS

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    Hi all,

    I am researching my Uncle George, details above, he told me a few years ago before his death that he served with the Royal Artillery, LRDG and later with 1 SAS. We have a photograph of him with a young King Faisal the second of Iraq. (I will ask my cousin to send it and I will post it). I recently found a photograph of 4 members of the LRDG on leave in Cairo, on the LRDG Photo Galley(Relatives). We believe that George is the soldier on the far right.

    I am currently filling in paperwork to have his records disclosed by the MOD, does anyone know of any other sources of information there may be to help? After reading the book 'Sting of the Scorpion' I found that a detachment of Royal Artillery served for a short while and completed one mission before being disbanded, we wonder if this is how he served with the LRDG.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.


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  2. CL1

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    When you say we believe George is on the right do you have a photo of him that you know is him?
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    To be honest you are starting in the right place. Once you have his records you will be able to establish his timeline and then you can go off and research particular units that are relevant. His RA attestation is attached.
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    Beat me to it Tony.!!
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    Hi Guys, Thanks for the quick replies, CL1 Yes we have phots of him, both his son and daughter believe its him, as do I.
    Tony56, thank you, I had researched and got a copy of that a few days ago, but many thanks, think I'm going to have to wait for his service records.
    Once again, Thank you.
  6. Guy Hudson

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    When he enlisted in the Royal Artillery he was posted to 87th (1st West Lancashire) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. (T.A.)
    They were a Territorial Field Regiment based in Liverpool, they served in Iraq and the Middle East.
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    Many thanks Guy, could I ask where you got that from?

  8. Guy Hudson

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    It's written in pencil on the left hand side of the R.A. attestation that Tony posted.
    Was George from Liverpool?
  9. davew877

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    Born in Birkenhead across the Mersey.

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