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Discussion in 'US Units' started by 716_Grandson, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Hello, my great uncle's DD214 has his organization (box 6) simply listed as "Unit 4 DET A DEP SUP SQ" however no one has been able to tell me what exactly this means or what his actual unit was.

    I've contacted St. Lewis who will not help me, also Carlisle, PA army heritage center who said they were not sure what it meant either.

    If any of you understand or happen to know where to find Unit info for the Army airforce, please let me know.

    He was in the Army Air Force (AAF) during WWII, and according to his dd214 he recieved the EAME Theater service medal.
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    Unit 4 Detachment Air Depot Supply Squadron it would appear from other supply squadrons that a number is possibly missing from this. this is what comes up under Air Depot Groups.

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