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    Any idea about DAAG (M) - Deputy Assistant Adjutant General without doubt, but (M)? This was a post held in 1 Corps, BEF, May 1940 and, I'm guessing, to do with Movement? The Holder was a Captain (Acting Major) Desmond Norres White Dundas IRVEN.
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    Do you have a source for this? Typed or handwritten?

    Are any there any other positions with letters following in parentheses listed?
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    The source is WO 167/126/2 1 Corps A/Q War Diary January to June 1940 excluding April, and there are two handwritten versions - one in ink on the official War Diary pages mostly concerning the DA&QMG and the DAQMG, and one in pencil in the Miscellaneous Accounts Officer section of the file (10th May to 1st June 1940). The War Diary version is very similar to the miscellaneous account which was apparently written by Irven himself.

    There are two versions of the title given in the May 1940 War Diary - DAAG (M) and DAAG "M" this is in contrast to the entries for the DAAG "A" which are always (in the War Diary pages I have) written in quotation marks rather than parentheses. Also mentioned is a mysterious Attached Officer A who, to confuse matters, uses DAAG (A)....
    Major Irven's own account uses DAAG (M) once and then refers to himself as Major Irven.

    I assumed Movement as he appears to be dealing with 1 Corps unit moves up into Belgium and is acquainted with Movement Control at Grammont - which seem to be one of the Railway co-ordinating / controlling units.

    I hope this is illuminating rather than confusing.
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    The July 1940 Army List under Department of the Adjutant-General shows a Director of Mobilization under which are listed:

    •Deputy Directors of Mobilization
    •Assistant Adjutants-General
    •Deputy Assistant Adjutants-General (Major Irven not listed)
    •Staff Captains
    •Staff Lieutenants​

    Although what this Directorate would be doing with staff with the BEF rather than in the UK I don’t know. Movements seems a more logical answer.
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    Many, many thanks for your response. I hadn't thought to look at the army lists, perhaps the 1939 list is available on that excellent scottish site! I agree that Director of Mobilization appears to be a UK based position and rather redundant in the BEF. I'll have a search around when I get a bit more time and get back to you. These acronyms can drive one a bit potty! (I have a bugbear with Adv. Reg.M.C. SA which I can deduce Advance Region Movement control - but the SA is eluding me - and I don't even know if it refers to a place or region like 'Southern Area' or a role like 'Staff Administration'?) It's this sort of thing which isn't important but which, because it isn't wrapped up neatly, nags and niggles and means one keeps getting dragged back to it.
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    UK, British Army Lists, 1882-1962
    Name: D. N. E. D. Irven
    Military Year: 1940
    Regiment: Royal Regiment of Artillery
    Rank: Major


    Name: D N. W. D. Irven
    Military Year: 1940
    Regiment: Royal Artillery
    Rank: Maj

    That confusing - it may be one and the same person
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    Having spent hours trawling the net and examining Army Lists from 1937 etc., I actually found the answer at www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk/docs-units/formations/corps and a nice pdf download of corps headquarters organisation. DAAG (M) is Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Movement), DAAG (A) is Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Administration). Alas, it didn't reveal what 'Attached Officer A' was all about but we could guess perhaps Administration?
    As for the stuff about railways, that'll have to wait for another day...
    Many thanks.
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    I'm attaching a list of abbreviations/acronyms taken from "Medical History of the Second World War - Army Medical Services - Campaigns". The volumes list these usually around xxxi to xxxviii. There are several that use the same acronyms but with very different meaning. Most are peculiar to the Medical Services and, in particular, the operational units of the R.A.M.C. Add or delete as you wish! cheers

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