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    I wonder if anyone can help, please. I have kindly been sent a copy of the handwritten manifest from the pathfinder aircraft carrying my father to Arnhem. In the "Remarks" column, next to his and one or two other names is, what appears to be "No.bas"
    Can anyone shed any light on the meaning of this comment, please?
    Best regards
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    Hi John,

    Had a look at the photo in question I don't think thats No bas its N0 ?? I believe its something to do with what happened after the battle some have PW Prisoner of War ??? some have Miss Missing ??? so I have a feeling that its after Arnhem and just a reference to the Missing in Action file...

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    The load list that you have been sent is just one of a series of documents from the Casualty Enquiry file for 156 Battalion at Arnhem (WO 361/633). There is a section about the two people from this particular aircraft who were still listed as "Missing" in 1945 when the POWs were being liberated. The file details the contacts made to trace and write to these POWs, people that had travelled on the same aircraft, to see if they could provide any information about these missing people.
    I attach another page from this file - you will see that the annotation against your Father's name reads "No Cas". You will see other annotations against other names.
    As Tom has said the annotation relates to the post war Casualty Enquiries and is nothing to do with the original manifest.


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