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Discussion in 'US Units' started by tar1109, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. tar1109

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    Hello everyone
    I know this is a WW2 site, but can anyone help with a WW1 casualty query?
    The person I'm looking for is Roberta K M Smith (or Smyth) as she died during the First World War serving as a nurse in the US forces
    Anybody any ideas?

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  2. Paul Reed

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    You can trace US casualties that are buried in US Military Cemeteries at:

    If they are buried in a family grave in the US or were repatriated to places like Arlington I understand it is much more difficult to trace them; might be worth contacting these people anyway?
  3. Gcollie

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    Hi. I know I'm a bit late but I wondered if you might still be wondering about her. I was just sitting in the foyer of my school, Ballymena Academy, in Northern Ireland, looking at the memorial for pupils who died in the war. We noticed that only one was given a first name, Roberta K M Smith. Out of curiosity we searched for her and found this.

    The memorial lists former pupils who died in whatever circumstance in WWI. The school is a grammar school in the middle of Ballymena, a small town near Belfast. If she was serving with US forces I don't know why she was going to school here, but hopefully this is at least something you'll know about her!
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