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    Just noticed this series of 100+ newsreels are available to watch on Ancestry - likely also available in Canada. 9AF6FDA1-AB69-4EBB-9986-371A5BDAC81A.jpeg
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    Are you sure they are available on All I get is an invitation to sign up to 'World Explorer' for $199.40. Can you send a link?
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    Thanks, I think that libraries have full world wide access, found this on the help page "Ancestry Library Edition is not for home use. To access this database, please ask for more information at your local library."

    Ancestry 2.jpg
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  5. Chris C

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    I think all of these have been made available on YouTube by the Canadian nonprofit The War Amps.
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    Thanks Chris.

    Here is the YouTube link -


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    I grabbed this from the War Amps of Canada back in 2011. Nice package.

    News Release | The War Amps

    [QUOTE Like all War Amps productions, The Canadian Army Newsreels set (6 DVDs featuring 106 newsreels) was funded by corporate donations. It is available to the public at a cost-recovery price of $30 (including DVD guide) by calling toll-free 1 800 250-3030 or at][/QUOTE]


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