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    I'm working on a model of a Bedford QLR and plan to mark it up from 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade spring of 1944. I have read in "British Military Markings 1939-1945" that in late 1943 they started to use red for the band color for HQ,Army, Brigade etc. I have this set from Archer Transfers and they have it as white. I was wondering if this is a case were the Canadians didn't conform to the standard, similar to how they would sometimes paint their recognition stars.
    Jim Guld
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    In my book "The Canadian Soldier", it shows the Red 50 on the White/Blue but without the usual Brigade white bar below for the 2nd Armd Bde.

    Have you a photo of a QLR in service with a Canadian unit as they mostly used CMP 3 Ton trucks for the heavier signals bodies? They did use some QL's with the J145 Operations body in the HAA Regiments and also some QLT's in the RCASC but I haven't seen a QLR in Canadian service. I would be interested in any info you have on them being used.

    Hope this helps.


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