Army Headquarters War Establishment mistake?

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  1. pamak

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    Hello all,

    I was going through the War Establishment for Army Headquarters when I noticed in a certain section a possible mistake.

    Coping from the relative True thread...we see the following



    Quartermaster Generals Branch
    Assistant Quartermaster General
    3 X Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
    3 X Staff Captain Q
    15 X clerk RASC including
    Warrant Officer Class I
    staff serjeant
    2 X serjeant
    2 X lance corporal
    8 X private


    Staff Message Control
    29 X clerk RASC including
    2 X Warrant Officer ClassII
    2 X corporal
    6 X private

    Staff Officer 2nd Grade (statistics)
    Staff Officer 3rd Grade (statistics)
    12 X clerk RASC including
    Warrant Officer Class I
    2 X staff serjeant
    2 X corporal
    7 X private

    Notice that in the Staff Message Control section, the text gives 29 clerks RASC including 2 WO Class II, one sergeant, 2 corporals and 6 private. One would expect that the numbers for the different ranks would add to 29 of total clerks but this is not the case at all and the difference is very big (29 versus 2+1+2+6=11)

    Notice by the way, that in the Quartermasters General Branch and in the Statistics, the numbers for the different ranks agree with the total number given. For the QM, there are 15 clerks RASC broken in 1 WO Class I, 1 staff serjeant, 2 sergeants, 1 corporal, 2 lance corporals, 8 privates (1+1+2+1+2+8=15)
    The same is true with the number of clerks RASC in the Statistics section (12=1+2+2+7).

    So, it seems that there is something wrong with the staff message control section.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron


    XIV/250/1 (A.C.I. 07.06.1944, effective 16.05.1944)
    page 5

    Staff Message Control
    10 X clerk RASC including
    Warrant Officer Class II
    2 X corporal
    6 X private
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  3. pamak

    pamak Junior Member

    Thanks Aixman,

    now it makes sense. I think some moderator should provide access to the post in the original thread to correct the mistake.

  4. Trux

    Trux 21 AG Patron

    Thank you Aixman. Your filing system is better than mine. It might have taken me days to find the answer.

    The original document was first put on the Trux website some 15 years ago. This forum kindly offered to host the Trux material when Trux ceased trading and the site closed. I am afraid that I cannot amend the post since I did not transfer the material myself. Far beyond my technical skills.

    Apologies for the error. No one has noticed in 15 years. Probably a momentary lapse due to going cross eyed after reading tables for a long time.

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  5. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    I for one have found your site very useful over the years. Many thanks as it must have taken a great deal of time and effort to create.

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  6. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron

    Good to see somebody working with the material.
    I know exactly what you mean, Mike. It is the unbelievable mass of tables and numbers that makes one doing peculiar things sometimes. (I don't believe seeing my own unexplainable mistakes.)
  7. pamak

    pamak Junior Member

    I became interested in British WEs as a result of the information that was generously provided in this site and a mistake here and there does not change the above fact.
  8. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Ok I edited the original post to what it says above.
    Is that now correct ?
    Can someone check I've edited the correct but as that was a huge post to go through.

    If you want us Mods to do something you only have to ask.
    I only read this thread by chance.

    2020-08-23 07.02.39.jpg
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  9. pamak

    pamak Junior Member

    Based on the conversation here, it seems right.

    Thanks for fixing it.
  10. Aixman

    Aixman War Establishment addict Patron

    Thank you very much, Owen.
    I checked the original Trux post, it is okay now.
    I didn't dare begging you mods to correct it as I experienced myself the difficulties of locating the correct passage without doubt.
    So: good work!
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