Award MiD Rfn. J. Perkins, 2nd Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps Escaped POW CAMP 102 (Aquila)

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    Rfn. John. Perkins, (6204127) 2nd Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps Escaped POW CAMP 102 (Aquila) awarded Mention in Despatches
    WO 373/63/129


    (1) After the Armistice with ITALY had been signed, the Italian Commandant opened the gates of the camp and marched the P/W out into the hills, as it was reported that Germans were approaching. A certain number of escapers were rounded up by German paratroops and taken back to camp, but the majority got safely away.

    (2) I recommend the following other ranks for the awards shown, brief particulars being given in the enclosures stated opposite their names
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    Interesting that this is one of the few camps where the commandant took an active part in the escapes. The others I know of being PG49 Fontanellato(officers camp) and PG59 Servigliano (ORs) - though in the latter case the commandant had to be "persuaded" by Dr John Millar to let everyone go. He did so by signing a piece of paper absolving the commandant from responsibility!
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    At PG 106XV - a work camp holding 50 South African POWs on the Monticelli Estate, Crescentino, Vercelli - the camp commander Sub-Lieutenent Sergio Stucchi left his post, and Temp.Captain Paolo Torta took charge. After providing as many as possible with civilian clothes donated by the local population in response to his request, he placed them with local families.

    This testimony is held in the Fondo Borghetti in Turin and has been translated by me.

    Also, Captain Mario Cuneo, Interrogation officer at Campo no.1 Marina, Manziana, Lake Bracciano, led all the POWs (the ratings from HMSubmarine Saracen) out of the camp - testimonies to this in a lot of their liberation/escape reports and also in his own personal diary.

    At PG 146 Mortara Camp Comandante Santo Rocco opened the gates at detachment 146/I Castel D'Agogna. This is described in his nephew Fabio Baiguera's book (in Italian) which came out in 2018 (Fabio can be found on this forum) and also in an account on the website of

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