Award Military Cross Capt. P.H.D. McCraith, Nottinghamshire (Sherwood Regiment) Yeomanry

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    Award Military Cross Captain Patrick Hames Danvers McCraith 64032 Nottinghamshire (Sherwood Regiment) Yeomanry, 8th Armoured Brigade, 2nd New Zealand Division, 10 Corps

    On March 6th when the Germans attacked at Medinin and were defeated, this officer was in command of a recce section which enabled an O.P, to get on ground which was of vital importance. It was largely due to this position being found and held that the enemy attack was frustrated.

    On the evening of March 24th after the attack of 3 R.T.R. and Notts. (S.R) Yeomanry on the left flank of the TABAGA position the regiment found itself soon after dark almost surrounded and in immediate contact with the enemy. Captain McCraith realising that the ammunition expenditure had been very considerable collected the required ammunition vehicles and navigated them across extremely difficult country up to the tanks. Throughout the night all movement was being heavily engaged by M.G. and H.E. Fire, as a result it was only by his organisation, great inspiration and determination that this column was finally brought to its objective in time for the tanks to be replenished before the dawn battle. Again on March 26th this Officer led the Regiment into the attack

    TABAGA-EL MADJAL positional and was nearing the final objective when his Armoured car was knuckled out by a direct hit. He remained in observation under heavy shell fire giving valuable information. On both these occasions Capt. McCraith showed complete disregard to his own safety and through his coolness and courage materially altered the issue of both actions.

    This Officer has twice been blown up on mines, but still continues at his job with unfailing courage and with exceptional skill which is the admiration of all who serve with him.

    WO 373/25/39

    Colonel Patrick J D McCraith MC TD DL
    The Tatler 13th March 1946
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