Awards to DLI Soldiers serving in other units of 46 Division

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    I've been looking at a thread devoted to Salerno and fatal casualty Captain F S Smith, commissioned DLI, died 22/9/43 serving with 5th Bn Sherwood Foresters after transfer from 16 DLI.

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    One of the DLI officers associated with him by the original poster was Lt F W Crane. Having established Crane's identity, it occurred to me that maybe he and the several other DLI officers and men like him, who ended up with other units in Italy and were subsequently honoured for their gallantry, should have a thread of their own. So here's a start:

    Crane, Lt Kenneth William Raphael, 269441, DLI.
    Commissioned DLI, EC, 2/4/43.
    Transferred from 16 DLI to 5th For, 16/9/43.
    Reported wounded, Italy, date not reported, circa 12/43, bn not specified.
    Previously reported wounded, date not reported, now reported dangerously ill, 16/12/43.
    Corrected: wounded date should read 3/12/43.
    Awarded Soviet award, LG 11/4/44, Medal for Distinguished Battle Service, LG Supplement dated Fri 7/4/44.
    Then serving with 5th Bn Sherwood Foresters. Award listed in The History of 46 Division.
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    Excellent Corporal, a man after my own heart. Although that and other of my organs and pipework, are really to be avoided if you wish for a long life.
    Frank S Smiith may also have given more than credited for but the only Award that could be given post mortem was
    I believe, the VC.
    It would be interesting to see exactly what happened on that hill.
    I am a bit out of it, at least for a while.
    EC denotes Emergency Commission as were all Wartime Commissions, as Sandhurst Academy had closed.
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    A couple more DLI officer awards that fit the 46 Division theme and a couple that constitute thread drift into 56 Div and elsewhere in Italy. Links should bring up National Archives citations:

    Addis, Capt Thomas Frederick Herbert, 247173, DLI.
    Awarded MC, Italy, serving with 'A' Coy 2/5th Leics, actions on 22-23/9/43.
    LG 8/3/45, recorded as 'Addis Addis, Capt Thomas Frederick.'
    Corrected 1/11/45.
    Recommendation for Award for Addis, Thomas Frederick Herbert Rank: Lieutenant ... | The National Archives

    Stalley, 2nd Lt Clifford, 323180, DLI.
    Reported wounded, Italy, 1/9/44, bn not specified.
    Awarded MC Italy, serving with 5th Sherwood For, actions on 31/8/44 and 2/9/44.
    Recommendation for Award for Stalley, Clifford Rank: Lieutenant Regiment: ... | The National Archives
    Page 797 | Supplement 36928, 6 February 1945 | Lond...

    Carney, 2nd Lt Bernard, 295663, DLI.
    Commissioned DLI, 16/10/43,
    Awarded MC, Italy, for actions with 2/6th Queen's Royal Regt on 3-4/3/44, LG: 15/6/44.
    Page 2852 | Supplement 36563, 13 June 1944 | London...

    Ferry, Capt Collin, 295526, DLI.
    Commissioned DLI, 9/10/43.
    From Gateshead.
    Reported wounded, Italy, date not reported, circa 2/44, DLI bn not specified.
    Corrected: date of casualty should read 20/2/44.
    Awarded periodic MC serving with 1 KSLI, Italy, several actions, cited from Anzio in 2/44, where wounded.
    LG 13/12/45:
    Page 6075 | Supplement 37386, 11 December 1945 | Lo...
    Recommendation for Award for Ferry, Colin Rank: Lieutenant Service No: ... | The National Archives

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