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  1. Brummy

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    June 22 1941, 63 years ago yesterday I totaly forgot about it and it looks like everybody else here did as well. Maybe a colective hanging our heads in shame guys and gals. :(

  2. BlackSeptember1918

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    Very true Brummy . What can I say ?, there are so many important dates to remember , and so few brain cells to retain them with ;) .
  3. Brummy

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    Well Monday June 28 seems to be an active day as well

    In reverse order

    June 28 1941 - German forces capture Minsk

    June 28 1940 - British government recognises Charles de Gaulle as leader of the free French

    June 28 1919 - The seeds of WW2 are sown with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles

  4. Ali Hollington

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    Strange how history sometimes lines up.

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