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    As I reread the summary of the 4th Infantry Division's fighting in Normandy, I have a question about the true position of Lieutenant Colonel John W. Merrill, who was killed on June 24 near Digosville (Cherbourg). Indeed, he is presented as the commander of the 1st battalion of the 12th IR.
    This seems to be confirmed here: John Merrill - Recipient -

    However, I also have as a reference Lieutenant Colonel Charles L. Jackson who is also presented as the commander of the 1st Battalion of the 12th IR - Charles Jackson - Recipient - - and according to his biography, he was already on duty on D-Day:

    It seems like there are two men for one position.
    The 4th Infantry Division summary - - explains that Lt Col Merrill took command of the 1st battalion one to two days before he was killed...

    Can anyone confirm when did Lt Col Merrill command a battalion in the 4th US ID and if so at the head of which battalion?

    Thank you.

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