Bombing mission during Market Garden

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    Could someone tell me the bombing missions for the 17th September 1944, for Operation Market Garden -

    The Unit, the target and the amount of aircraft lost

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    Good question.

    This could get interesting... especially if we do not restrict it to just that one day. Me = on smartphone / holidays. No access to references...
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    Hello Fred

    Shall I change it to the Complete Operation?

    Yea I to do believe this topic could get interesting
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    I am a big fan of the ''Advanced Edit'' function here - (especially the bit that lets you clean up topic titles for some time..)
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    I can only add the following.......

    17-18 September 1944

    Operation Market Garden.

    241 Aircraft made two diversionary sweeps - one to the Dutch coast and one into Holland in order to to draw up German fighters from Southern Holland. This intention was not achieved. No aircraft lost.

    Minor operations during this time were...... 42 Mosquitoes to Bremen and 6 to Dortmund. 29 RCM sorties - 29 Mosquito patrols. No aircraft lost.

    Source - The Bomber Command War Diaries- Middlebrook/Everitt
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