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  1. Markyboy

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    I mentioned in another post that I was getting a random box of books thrown in with some cabinets from a house clearance. Turns out they’re better than I expected, mainly Dunkirk related which interests me (first pic). Second pic is mainly memoirs and books focussing on specific regions. The copy of bridge too far contained the photos, which were taken in 1988. There were also a handful of very generic titles on WW2 and more modern conflicts which will be left outside for any takers (a good practice which has sprung up in my little village!).

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  2. Rich Payne

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    I'm struggling to read the book titles...but you can't go wrong with 1940s stuff...A nice copy of Spears there anyway.
  3. Chris C

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    Yes, higher resolution photos please! :)
  4. Markyboy

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    B873C817-5E90-40BA-BE36-9B89CDCE81AF.jpeg B17232D0-C8DF-4C4D-95FD-480656E14EC7.jpeg 85B0BBF9-34D0-4914-91E2-A1D945555AC9.jpeg D4A203CE-52EF-456F-94A2-7E60290CC38E.jpeg
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  5. Markyboy

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    Hopefully clearer!
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  6. Chris C

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    Yes thank you! There looks like some neat stuff there. :)
  7. Markyboy

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    Hi All,

    I've leafed through some of these now, so if anybody wants the poole/dorset/tyneside/bournemouth histories, or the iron division or motorcycle books please PM me. Yours for the postage price, not looking for anything on top.

    Iron Division now claimed.
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  8. ypres5

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    Well done, some good books.:D
  9. TTH

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    Good stuff!

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