Can anyone help me find out about my Grandfather who served in Arnhem

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  1. Hi to All
    I am trying to find out about my Grandfather who was,
    Private Gordon Griffiths (14628698) Medical Corps
    He was a POW at Stalag XII-A before being moved to Stalag X1B, after parachuting into Arnham.
    we weren't sure on what Battalion,
    But Philip has been able to give me this information so far
    (Griffiths.G.B. Private 14628698 133 Parachute Field Ambulance J.Section POW Stalag 12A)
    we also know he served in India. and have some pictures that show him at El Katarah, Suez Canal and a picture going past a Volcano Stromboli to Italy, we also know he lied about his age as he was only just 18 while in Italy, As with all back then mum says he never wanted to talk about it.
    any more info would be great

    Many Thanks Carl
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  3. Hi Steve
    Thanks for the info, Is there a way to fill it out on line, as we live in New Zealand?
    Regards Carl
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    hello Carl

    no online service
    quote from the website
    You can pay by cheque or postal order - or by banker’s draft or international money order if you’re overseas.

    it is the best way to get an idea of his military service.

    info here about their movements
    133 Parachute Field Ambulance RAMC | ParaData

  5. Hi Clive
    Thanks for the link and Information
    Regards Carl
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    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: G B Griffiths
    Rank: Private
    Army Number: 14628698
    Regiment: Royal Army Medical Corps
    POW Number: 90443
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: XII-A
    Camp Location: Limburg, Baden-Württemberg
    Record Office: Royal Army Medical Corps and Army Dental Corps Record Office, Colet Court, Hammersmith, London, W6
    Record Office Number: 30

    When the survey was taken by the International Red Cross he was being held at Stalag XII-A

    You can contact the Red Cross here - Requests for information about people held during the Spanish Civil War or the Second World War: Quarterly limit reached for details of his time in POW camps

    He may also have completed a Liberation Questionnaire - check out the left hand menu of this members site - Archive Research -

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  7. Hi TD
    Thanks for the links and Information, I will look into that.
    Mum has just send through a letter, which I have attached, I think this is why we throught he ended up at , XI-B, I think this camp was in Bad Fallingbostal.

    Regards Carl

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    Hi. If you google Fallingbostel military museum an old army friend of mine, Kevin Greenhalgh lives and works there. He is the curator of the museum and has all knowledge available about X1b. It also has a Facebook page

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    No new information but your grandfather appeared in three British Army Casualty Lists:

    Royal Army Medical Corps
    14628698 Griffiths Pte GB / 133 (Para) FA / date 25.9.44

    Casualty List No. 1590 Dated 30 October 1944
    Casualty List No. 1604 Dated 15 November 1944
    Previously reported missing now reported POW in German hands location unknown
    Casualty List No. 1764 Dated 24 May 1945
    Previously reported POW in German hands (Germany) now not POW

    Good luck with your research, as mentioned above, get hold of his service records.
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  10. Hi Alex
    Thank you for sharing that with me, I will give Kevin an email and let you know how I get on
    Regards Carl
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  11. Hi Tony
    Thanks for having a look at all of that, yes I will get onto sending away for the records.
    Regards Carl
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    Pte Griffiths was on a parachute course between 28/10/43 and 9/11/44 (cse 89)> At this stage he was a member of 225 PFA which was a part of 6th A/B. He is shown as J Section of 133 PFA in the nominal roll in the book Red Berets and Red Crosses.

    Hope this helps.



    Where can I access the casualty list please. I'm on Ancestry and can't find them there?
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    I'm on Ancestry as well - the casualty lists are on FindMyPast (FMP)

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    Thanks TD. I might have to join for a while and do all my checks.


  15. Thanks Arnham
    looks like I have a few books to get out and read.

    Just wanted to say a BIG thanks to you all that have given me new info,links and leads.
    I am just getting the paper work together to send to MOD as you have all suggested and will post what I learn

    Kind Regards Carl
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    Bit late as not been on here for a while......J Section's OC was Captain Jimmy Lawson and they supported the 11th Parachute Battalion....As someone else posted on here one of your best routes to find out what the medical services did at Arnhem is to read the book Red Berets and Red Crosses.....
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    From FMP.

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  18. Thanks A M, every bit of Information has been great , and another piece of the puzzle or area to look in, as with supporting the 11th Parachute Battalion.
    Regards Carl
  19. Thanks 51highland, The documents and all other information has been good for the family to see and hear about, they only had snippets of information, nothing like the information everyone has posted so far, as he never talked about it mum was saying, even my late grandmother never discussed it after he passed, a chapter in their life's they just wanted to forget.
    Regards Carl
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    There is also a book on the 11th Parachute Battalion in Ww2 called Arnhem Their Final Battle.......

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