Canadian infantry in North Africa, January–May 1943

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    As a followup to a recent thread here that touched on the CANLOAN officers in NW Europe, the following article may be of interest as it looks at a smaller, earlier version of the program that saw Canadian troops serving in North Africa with other Commonwealth units, a program that is not as well known as its more famous successor.
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    Thanks for posting. I was unaware of a Canadian presence in North Africa.
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    Thanks, that's very interesting!

    I was really struck by the expertise about patrolling described in (Canadian Sergeant-at-arms) Charlie Martin's Battle Diary book. I could be wrong, but it seems just like what is mentioned as being practiced in North Africa by the British Army. . So it seems as if the lessons learned were passed along through training.
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    Thanks....I think there is another thread on this subject...I'll try and fish it out.

    Captain Galloway (noted in the link) served with my father in the 2nd Bn, London Irish Rifles in Tunisia during February and March 1943 - (photo attached of him sitting, along with Major James Dunnill DSO and other members of F Coy and the other photo was of the group of Canadians "loanees" in the UK after their posting to the 1st Army). At one time in Feb 1943, after the disastrous encounter at Point 286 on 20/21 Jan 1943, 2 LIR had 5 Canadian officers within their ranks (the others were Curry, Chisholme La Praire and Gale) . SCAN0958.JPG UK)

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  6. Hi Richard, Major James Dunnill was my Great Uncle. Have you seen this clip with regards the Brunswick Boys Club they started in Starlag Concentration Camp. This Group is still going...
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    Excellent link and what a fine, long lasting legacy stemming from your great uncle's (and the other men's) incarceration....

    Major (later Lt Col) Dunnill's time with the Faughs and 2 LIR in Tunisia is well remembered, culminating with the award of the DSO amid the bloody fighting at Heidous....I noted this photo on the IWM's website... also a photo from my visit to Heidous in 2018.

    I wonder if you could drop me a Private Message (or eMail to my Irish Brigade website: Welcome to the Irish Brigade Website) to paint some further backgound to James' pre and post war life?

    Faugh a Ballagh !


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