Charles M Schulz

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    Charles M Schulz

    This was recently on BBC Radio 4: BBC Radio 4 - Drama, Franklin
    44min audio drama.

    There's a bit on his WW2 memories around 29mins in.


    Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Harriet Glickman, a high school teacher in California, writes to Charles M Schulz, creator of the USA's most widely published comic strip, 'Peanuts', about the possible inclusion of a 'Negro character' in the strip. ' What she suggests, appeals to Schultz, but he also finds it morally troubling.
    Based on a true story.
    Charles Schulz ('Sparky') ..... Trevor White
    Joyce Schulz ..... Clare Corbett
    Morrie Turner/Ken ..... Danny Sapani
    Alan Saunders/Larry ..... Roger Ringrose
    Harriet Glickman ...... Charlotte East
    Teacher ..... Ian Dunnett Jr.
    Radio ..... Luke Nunn
    Written by Simon Bovey
    Directed by Marc Beeby

    Charles M. Schulz - Wikipedia

    20th Armored Division (United States) - Wikipedia
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