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  1. von Poop

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    Odd question.
    Modelling related.

    Anybody know if there was a uniform type of cobbles found in French Cities of the period? Brick? or stone? Colour?
    I've got to do some that are a very regular rectangular shape and quite small.

    May just do them whatever looks best in contrast with a stone pavement, but was wondering if there's a 'correct' answer.

  2. Owen

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    If I visit any French towns while on holiday I'll take some pictures of some.
    Unless any members are already over there?
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  3. Rich Payne

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    Thanks for giving me an excuse to post another Norton WD picture Adam, and in BEF service to boot !


    I think that the answer depends on which region. The industrial towns of northern France still have plenty of blue/grey stone pavé that looks just like the Belgian stuff. I just happen to have some secondhand Belgian pavé (kasseien we call it !) outside so if you can wait until tomorrow, I can photograph it and measure it for you !

    It looks fairly regular if competently laid.
  4. von Poop

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    Photographing really not necessary Rich! :D

    Blue/grey good enough for me, just wasn't sure if they were that or redbrick really.


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