Czech forces in UK.

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    Does anyone know the history of Czech forces in the UK?

    My late father-in-law was an officer in the pre-war Czech Army. After Czechoslovakia was "given" to the Nazis in 1938, he escaped, and via Africa and France, landed in Liverpool.

    Along with the other Czechs, they were stationed at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire. Because there were more officers than other ranks, a lottery was drawn, with losers reverting to the ranks - he was one of the losers!

    The Czechs were sent to Leaminton Spa, and after the Luftwaffe blitz of Coventry, were taken there to assist. During this time, my father-in-law was badly wounded when an incendiary device exploded.

    This led to him being invalided out.

    My question is, what did the Czech Army do after this - what did he miss?

    Any info much appreciated.
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    I've used this link in other threads and have finally come upon an appropriate place to post so that others might find it.

    Info about Czech's in the UK at the bottom of the page.

    City of Pilsen: From D-Day to V-Day
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    Neil Rees wrote a book about the Czech Forces in UK -
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    The 2nd Battalion Czech Army was stationed in Seaton in east Devon, for part of the early part of the war, ( there is a plaque commemorating their stay in the town, but funnily enough there is nothing to commemorate, the members of the US 4th infantry who stayed in the same place as the Czechs ) members of the towns urban District Council presented ribbons to the Battalion at Dover Court in 1943, the ribbons read "To the 2nd Batt Czechoslovak Army fromSeaton, Devon, greetings, rememferances and gratitude.
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    Trying to find any history of Geza Spiegel who we believe fought with the Free Czech Forces. Can anyone tell me where to begin please
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    It was members of the Czech army in exile who were parachuted into their homeland and carried out the assassination of Heydrich on 29 May 1942.They were trained by SOE but the operation was carried out under the orders of the Czech Government in exile.

    The RAF formed Nos 310-313 Czech squadrons.310,312 and 313 squadrons were fighter squadrons and served with home defence, while No 311 Squadron was formed initially, as a Bomber squadron with Wellingtons and later was transferred to Coastal Command using Liberators.

    All were transferred to Czechoslovakia after the war but were disbanded by the Czech government in February 1946.....some veterans then had a hard time in their homeland when Czechoslovakia became a satellite of the Soviet Union in 1948.
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    Here's a piece I wrote for Armchair General in 2006.

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