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  1. OK,

    So I'm after a bit of help... I've obtained my grandfathers' Service Records and I could do with some help fathoming out the units and postings.

    Here's what I have;

    21.03.41 - Date of Enlistment - Storeman III

    15.08.41 - Posted 4 Training Battalion 58th Section - Service trade of ST MS III

    23.12.42 - Posted ADDS (or ADOS - difficult to read) 4 Liaison HQ - Service trade of ST C/G II on 21.11.42 - Promoted L/Cpl on 11/2/43

    22.7.43 - Posted 5 Battalion

    3.1.44 - Posted 15 Battalion - Service trade of ST/IT (possibly IT - again difficult to read) II on 2.1.44

    24.4.44 - Posted 16 Battalion

    10.6.44 - Y List

    Any help with this would be really appreciated...thanks guys!
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  2. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Can you scan and post the records up?

    I believe its ST(stores)
    MS - machinery shop
    C/G - cutting & grinding
    IT i believe might be do with radar
  3. Joroti

    Joroti Member

    Hi, I agree with Hutchie, ST may be stores related (i.e. Storeman Technical) but uploading his record may give us a bit more info to help decipher his trade. Was he REME or RAOC.

    Regards John
  4. hutchie

    hutchie Dont tell him Pike!!

    Stores technical could also make him a clerk
  5. Will get the scanner back up and running tomorrow afternoon gents...definitely RAOC as that's stamped on the front sheet of the AF.B.102 form along with a squiggle of "cause of becoming non-effective" which I guess might be why he was invalided out?
  6. RemeDesertRat

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    ADOS = Assistant Director Ordnance Services.
  7. Joroti

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    Hi, have uncovered a list which helps a little to explain the codes in his record of Service. Wartime conditions made it necessary to have so many specialisations for the Stores trade in the RAOC. These classifications below existed until 1946 when they were trimmed down these 15 trade groups to just 7.

    Storeman (Armaments) A or Armt
    Storeman (Small Arms) SA
    Storeman (Engineering) E
    Storeman (MT Stores) MT or MTS
    Storeman (Vehicles) V
    Storeman (Rubber) R
    Storeman (Sig & Wireless) Sig or Sig & W/T
    Storeman (Radar) R
    Storeman (Ammunition) A or Amn
    Storeman (Clothing or General) C&G
    Storeman (Laundry) L

    Storeman (Industrial Gas Production) - No apparent abbreviation
    Storeman (Packing) P
    Storeman (Traffic) T

    Storeman (X)

    It would thus seem your grandfather at various times was a Storeman for MT Stores and Clothing & General. When posted to ADOS 4 Liaison HQ, he would most probably have been running the ADOS Dump, close to the HQ issuing clothing or general stores to his dependent units.

    Hope this helps, John
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