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    Good morning

    This is just a quick quick question. I have searched the internet to no avail. Can anybody give me a concise definition of "establishment"?

    It seems to be both "organisation" and "strength" as in the following sentences:

    Michael Richards, proposed that artillery and engineers should be placed on separate establishments.
    In 1914 the establishment was one battery to each Brigade of Cavalry.
    As the war progressed, it became rare for a Brigade to be at full establishment with regard to men.
    At full establishment, a brigade of 18-lbr field guns, for example, consisted of 795 men of whom 23 were officers.
    It was twelve times bigger than the peacetime establishment.
    .... the establishment of the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve in 1967 .....

    Many thanks

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    A quick answer to get started: During WW II, there are the so-called War Establishments - before WW II also Peace Establishments - Home Establishments or simply establishments. I have no proper idea regarding WW I establishments.
    Establishments contain numbers regarding personnel, ranks, trades, weapons and transport. Sometimes they contain a proposed march order by bringing the vehicles into an order and distributing the personnel to the vehicles, early in WW II and before also numbers on first reinforcements and ammunition.

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    Hi Susan
    It's the War Department approved list of personnel and equipment for a given unit - numbers, ranks and role. It serves as a basic accounting tool. There are usually 'peacetime' and 'wartime' establishments. There may be amendments due to changes in role, equipment and other circumstances however these would be accounted for by "above or below establishment".
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    The Establishment for a unit is in the form of a document that lists personnel, weapons equipment and vehicles for a unit. People are normally posted in or promoted to fill vacant positions on the Establishment. If it is desired to increase the Establishment permission is normally sought from a higher HQ. The Establishment table for a unit is also used to draw equipment, rations etc.
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    Establishment: the regulated composition of men, officers (by rank) weapons, equipment and transport.
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    Thank you all for your very quick help.
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