Dinner invitation From Captain Arthur Logan to his mates during WW1.

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    This is an invitation for a complimentary dinner that Captain Arthur Logan hosted for his fellow Mates he was serving with during WW1.Arthur and his mates were a part of the 4th Royal Scots Fusiliers.

    On the front it list the different food choices they had. On the back are some Signatures of some of the soldiers who attended the dinner as well as Arthur's signature

    The dinner took place on November 23rd, 1914 at the George Hotel in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Unfortunately Arthur was killed less than a year later fighting in Gallipoli on June 11th 1915.
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    George Hotel, Kilmarnock - Wikipedia

    George Hotel, Kilmarnock
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The George Hotel, Kilmarnock, Scotland was built in the 19th century and is "B" Listed. The building is situated on land at the top of Portland Street. This land was once the home of Kilmarnock Bowling Club. It was one of the top hotels in the area. The George was Kilmarnock's 5-star hotel. The hotel closed in 1920. There were plans for the hotel to be demolished when the Town Council purchased the property, but the plans were changed. The same year as the George Hotel closed part of the building was adapted and used as the George Cinema.

    The three story building still remains today. The building still looks similar to the way it did in the days of the George Hotel. Nowadays the building is used by Mason Murphy as a furniture shop and the rest of the property is a disco.[1]

    Notable residents[edit]
    Woodrow Wilson - stayed at the hotel on 5 July 1899.[2]
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