Dunkirk, Southern Railways part in clearing troops from the Channel Ports

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    Andy's recent post about the tug Simla caused me to reread A D Divine's excellent book Dunkirk again.
    On page 242 he writes:
    "Then they (the rescued troops) were taken off to the stations, and the Southern Railway took over. There again was a masterpiece of organisation. Almost at an hour's notice the Southern Railway adapted its schedules to take on a stream that amounted to as many as 60,000 men a day. Normal Passenger services were ruthlessly truncated. ... The railways' contribution was a tremendous one."
    He goes on to describe the contribution of Southern's ships, and ends about their overall service:
    "These things have small glory, but they were an integral part of Dunkirk - a necessary, a vital part."

    During the later Aerial evacuation the GWR (God's Wonderful Railway) performed a excellent similar service.
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    No leaves on the line or wrong snow in those days :salut:

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    Not in May/June there weren't!
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