Ever wanted to fly in a model aircraft?

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by The Aviator, Dec 7, 2007.

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    Here is the model aero's dream. Fly in your own model.

    YouTube - world's smallest twin engine airplane

    The Cri-Cri is a popular homebuilt design developed in France by engineer and pilot Michel Colomban. Colomban became fascinated by small aircraft and hoped to create a tiny and economical plane with good performance and aerobatic capabilities. His goal was a very simple and lightweight construction using no more than a 20-hp engine powering an airframe carrying a 172 lb (78 kg) pilot and 22 lb (10 kg) of fuel. Colomban's initial study in the late 1950s suggested that a single seat aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 395 lb (180 kg) and a wing area of 43 ft² (4 m²) was feasible. Over a decade later, Colomban returned to his pet project but was able to make several improvements due to advances in technology. He incorporated new more efficient low-drag airfoils, composite parts, and thinner sheet metal for the wing skin to reduce weight and wing area to just 33 ft² (3.1 m²). The new aircraft also adopted twin 8-hp Stihl chain-saw engines, like those used aboard ultralights, in place of the planned single 20-hp engine. The change not only made the aircraft lighter but also improved the efficiency of each engine's propeller. Construction of the first example took about 1,500 hours, and several structural load tests were conducted to prove its advanced design elements were safe.

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    No question about it....THIS is the direction that the military is moving in...particularly the airforce, who only have drogue recon at the moment.....but that leads me to a strange, but quite true, story.....

    One of my step-fathers was a tall Dutchman. He had been in occupied Holland as a small child, and was a Prison Officer (high rank, Classifications Board), and might I say a very respected man for a 'screw'....

    My mom and Henk drove across a region of South Australia called the Nullabor Plain....it hasnt got a tree past waist hieght for hundreds of kilometres, flat, open, desolate......Driving across the only highway that goes through the nullabor at night, (a bitumen road of two lanes), my mother and stepfather were chased by bright yellow lights that appeared low on the horizon at first, but got bigger and faster before dissappearing at great speed....

    Now, at this point, you are probably saying to yourself..."Oh Christ, not another UFO story...".....not this one.....

    Somewhere.....in that region, much further inland, I feel, IS AN AIRFORCE (US) TEST FACILITY of some kind.......this region of Austrlia is known far and wide as the closest thing to a nuclear wasteland you will ever find, .ROADWARRIOR II(Mel Gibson) was filmed there.........
    The pieces of the puzzle all fit....Australia is the PERFECT place for secret flight testing over regions that white people rarely if ever see.
    The US Air Force has been experimenting with remote controlled aircraft for a long time...by its very nature of not having a real life pilot, remote controlled aircraft can concieveably achieve AEROBATIC manueovres and turns that an aircraft with a real pilot would not attempt....like pulling 9gs in a turn...
    So...if you combine a remote controlled aircraft with stealth technology, and then make it do things like 90 degree turns in 2 seconds at mach2.....

    THEN...you have all the ingredients for a DEBUNKING OF UFOs.....

    If you saw a stealth fighter 25 years ago or so when it first took to the skys...would you not think it was a UFO?
    My stepfather did not believe in UFOs or Aliens....I share his views....
    But that night, those light dissappeared and turned so fast it made both their heads spin....
    And the explanation I have just put to you fits the mould.....Australia is not just valued as a sattelite and intelligence center......we have tens of thousands of kilometers of wide open NOTHING for aircraft and other aviation goodies to be tested properly and away from public gaze.....Australia has the least amount of people/square kilometer....in a region like the top half of South Austrlia there is less than a fifth of a person per kilometer sqaured..

    The chances of accidental discovery in a region like that is very minor...

    And who would believe it anyway?
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    All it was is the Min Min light. All Australians know about it. Many have seen it including my brother in law.
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    Because it was the only member I could get to answer any of my posts. I put that post up a week ago.
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    hes not....im right here!
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    Just remember who I am Christos

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