F Armoured Car Census numbers and Contracts

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    As always if anyone can add anything or see any errors please let me know.



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  2. Rod Shaver

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    Does anyone know the registration number of the Staghound armored car in the 2nd Household cavalry that was named Red Knight? Thanks
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  3. Rod,

    [Edit] Initial response amended, replaced by response on your other thread:
    WW2 2nd household cavalry insignia

    In short, RED KNIGHT is not from 2 Household Cavalry.

    I would suggest that it is better to keep all your questions on this subject in the same (other) thread, otherwise members risk wasting their time looking for responses which have already been provided by other members on that other thread. Or at least, include a link to inform of the existence of the other thread.

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  4. PDH

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    Kevin - very interesting piece of work. Well Done.

    I'm trying to work out what the data in the Spreadsheet columns represents, particularly B. H I'm assuming contract numbers. Sorry all a bit new to this!!

  5. KevinT

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    Hi P,

    Column B - F prefix used for Armoured and Scout cars
    Column H - Known contract numbers


  6. PDH

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    Thanks Kevin,

    All is now clear!!


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