Feared invasion of Switzerland in 1940

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    Today, 82 years ago the Supreme Commander Army General Henri Guisan called all high ranking officers to the so called Rütli- Raport for the defense of Switzerland, because of a feared invasion by Italy and Germany.

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    It is worth noting the Swiss executed a number of German spies too.

    Whether their strategy of retreating to the mountain redoubt was practical is a moot point, in effect leaving most Swiss in the lowlands to face an enemy occupation. Somewhere I have an appreciation of their strategy written more recently.
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    If you're interested in such things you can follow the development of the Swiss defensive operational planning from 1939 to 1941 on the now defunct Schweiz 1940 site thanks to the pages being saved by the Internet Achive wayback machine:

    The main page of the Schweiz 1940 site can be found here:Wayback Machine

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